Unpublished Papers

The unpublished papers collection is another unique part of the Archives. It includes 1,000 theses, college papers, speeches, dissertations, short stories, poetry and other works written by Lesbians over the past thirty-five years.

A rich source of research materials covering a vast array of topics, this collection houses prose and poetry, fiction and nonfiction and reflects those brilliant insights, theories, ideas and fantasies our young and old Lesbian minds have conjured up over the years.

Some material was written for submission for publication; some for high school, college and graduate school courses; some for the author’s own pleasure. When a researcher uses material from the Archives for their research we ask that they send us their finished paper(s), and these too will be found in this collection. Unpublished papers are kept in two five-drawer filing cabinets plus overflow boxes and are arranged alphabetically by the name of the paper, story or poem. These are also on our database and can be search by keywords in the title as well as by author.