A group of adults and children are gathered on the floor of a room lined with bookshelves. A Lesbian sitting on a couch at the end of the room is reading a children's book to the group.
On the couch: Ellen Baxt (L), with daughter Lena Baxt standing beside her, and Alexis Clements (R) reading book to audience gathered for Little Rainbows Storytime at the Lesbian Herstory Archives, January 2019. Photo by Luciana Pinchiero.

Most people think of “archives” as a dreary, dusty and dark place filled with boxes of papers of interest only to a small group of academic researchers and writers. Erase that image from your mind!

We have both print and non-print materials, such as:

We have these and more materials about Lesbians and their lives both here in the US and abroad. With minor exceptions, all the material has been donated to the Archives.