Lez Create: The Dyke Arts Workshop

Lez Create: The Dyke Arts Workshop has served as an essential space for recognition, connection, and expression.

Through Lez Create, many writers, poets, scholars, photographers, artists, zinesters, and others have collaborated, designed, created, and supported events by coordinators and archivettes. Lez Create preserves and grows this community, establishing a base that merges politics and aesthetics within it. Using writing and art, Lez Create convenes regularly to share work, using the materials from the Archives as a source of inspiration to continue our herstory/theirstory. Red Washburn’s and Stevie Jones’s work as facilitators of Lez Create and coordinators of unpublished materials and biographical files have benefited greatly from passing the torch to intergenerations of writers/artists, many of whom have also volunteered their assistance with our archive and burgeoning files of unpublished materials.

A printed page displaying a numbered list of prompts.
Click the image above to download the complete PDF of prompts for Lez Create activities.