40th Anniversary Lesbian Herstory Archives Art Benefit
Friday, December 6, 2013

Statement of Purpose

The Lesbian Herstory Archives (LHA), home to the largest and oldest collection of lesbian materials in the world, is inaugurating the celebration of its 40th year with an Art Benefit that will launch a fund drive to sustain the Archives for the next forty years.

Our guidelines state that the community shall share in the work of the Archives, and for the past four decades, community members, lesbians and our allies, have contributed to this collective and intergenerational space. The Archives’ guiding principles state that we shall be involved in the political struggles of all lesbians and all lesbian communities—no lesbian is left out of this collective space. The committee for the 2013 art benefit will follow these guidelines throughout the event.

This is our second art benefit, and the second hosted by Alexander Gray Associates. For the 2009 benefit, marking the 35th year of the Archives, artist donors and attendees contributed their artwork, financial support, and time, making that event a great success. In 2013, we are committed to building on that success and to making choices that further honor the Archives’ guiding principles. We have invited intentional participation from lesbian artists of color in order to further reflect the actual makeup of the communities that Archives serves and of its collective members. Since its beginnings, the Archives has held one of the world's largest collections of lesbian of color materials. Archivist and coordinator, Shawn(ta) Smith (shawntasmith AT gmail DOT com), is happy to answer any questions about lesbian of color participation in the Archives.

In addition, for this art benefit we have an open call for work from anyone who self-identifies as a lesbian. We invite all interested artists who have not received an invitation to apply for one of the open call spots.

The Archives keeps alive the memories of our ancestral women who have bestowed upon us their lives, their memories--the evidence of their existence. The coordinators of the Archives, our volunteers, communities, friends, and lovers need you to keep this organization alive. Contribute to your herstory. We appreciate your support, your encouragement, and your challenging eye—we do not exist without you.

The Lesbian Herstory Archives Collective
for the Art Benefit Committee

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