Lesbian Herstory Archives 40th Anniversary Celebration
August - December 2014

Join the Archives this fall for a celebration of our
Fabulous 40th Year!

And help us get ready for the next 40!

For four decades lesbians have gifted their time, energy, papers, memories, and hearts to what has become the longest-running and largest collection of Lesbian Herstory in the world.

The Archives began in the apartment of two of its founders, Joan Nestle and Deb Edel, and it now inhabits its own brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The Archives is home to thousands of photographs, tens of thousand of books, and hundreds of special collections from lesbians wanting their stories to be remembered, along with buttons, t-shirts, sex toys, love letters, oral histories, videos, date books, zines, and much, much more.

Created and maintained entirely by volunteers since the beginning, the Archives has always relied on support from the community and allies to keep the doors open.

For our 40th year we need to raise $40,000.
Your donations will help us digitize our collections in order to make them more accessible, maintain our off-site storage, and also keep the lights on and the doors open.

Join us in archiving today's herstories for tomorrow! Give today.



The Lesbian Herstory Archives 40th Year Anniversary Events:

Please note all dates below are tentative and subject to change. Planning is still underway.

* Every dollar raised through ticket sales or donations will go toward meeting our $40,000 goal. *


  • Sunday, August 31
    At Home with Joan Nestle
    Join Archives co-founder Joan Nestle for an evening of sharing stories and gathering herstory.


  • Dates TBD
    Art Exhibition & Opening

  • Saturday, September 13
    Black Lesbian Writers
    A special event focused on highlighting the writing, past and present, of black lesbian writers.

  • Friday, September 19
    Screening of Adriana Varella's performance/film work, Cracks in Civilized Landscapes
    From Varellea: "This performative work challenges architecture as a patriarchal authority. Filming ourselves in the process of fucking/having sex in a church, a mosque, a castle, a museum, a bank and other institutional monuments, we seek to deconstruct their sacred, heroic and sexist dimension." Join us for a special screening.


  • Thursday, October 9
    At Home with Lisa Davis: The Red Menace

  • Date TBD
    Getting From Then to Now: A Panel Discussion
    Join us for a special panel bringing together long-time archivists with those who've only recently participated in helping to preserve our collection. We'll also welcome memories from those in the audience.

  • Saturday, October 18
    Black Lesbian DIY Zine Fest
    Come buy, sell, trade, and learn how to make zines at this event focused on zines created by black lesbians.

  • Sunday, October 19
    Memories from 13A: Joan Nestle

    LHA co-founder Joan Nestle returns to reflect on the years when the Archives was just outside her bedroom door. She'll be joined by others and will welcome memories from those who were part of those years.


  • Date TBD
    At Home with Lisa Merrill: Discussing Charlotte Cushman


  • Date TBD
    40th Anniversary Archives Cabaret!!

  • Saturday, December 6
    Services Auction! (more details to come!)
Location Information:
Many of the events will be taking place at the Lesbian Herstory Archives, but some will take place elsewhere. All details will be noted here as they become available.

How to Attend:
• You will be able to purchase tickets to many events in advance (links will be posted).



Help make these event a success and join in the fun by volunteering to help out.

(more details to come)

A full list of supporters will be available soon.

Help Spread the Word

We'll post tools here that you can use to help share the event information, but in the meantime, you can help by simply posting this page to your social media accounts.

40th Anniversary Committee Members:
Sara Abdullah
Rachel Corbman
Deb Edel
Sherley C. Olopherne
Flavia Rando
Kayleigh Salstrand
Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz

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